Q2-Q4 Tap Project Updated Roadmap

With Quarter one coming to an end, this is a good time to show the community our updated plans for the Tap Project in 2021.

But first we would like to announce that on March 15th we will be hosting our first Tap Project Community Call on our discord channel. During the call the community will have an opportunity to engage with the team live via voice or chat and ask any questions on our updates.

Join our discord >> here <<

With many partnerships lined up, new technology developments and platform updates, 2021 is set to be another explosive…

Ethereum Gas, FCF Launch and the Tapcoin NFT Portal

Yet another Tap Bro’s podcast came out recently! Did you miss it? Here are some highlights:

Market minute; has Ethereum reached its resistance point? Maybe and perhaps that will stabilize the market to allow for more growth.

Price of gas! Oof! Tired of those fees you pay every time you make a transaction on the blockchain? However high gas prices lead to innovation. Tap has been able to work out a solution using farming and degas for users to reduce gas fees by as much as 30–50% giving users more control.

Users seeking control can also find it on fan-based…

What is blockchain gaming?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are terms that have been thrown around the technological world for some time now. Those who understand the concepts are quick to integrate them into their businesses. Those who are skeptical and content with the status quo ignore them; a costly decision. There is the constant question of, “Will blockchain succeed?”. If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught businesses anything it should be to think ahead and plan for the worst. Companies need to have contingency plans in place to ensure their companies will survive whatever the future has in store. …

From Game to Blockchain — Tap Platform is solving the issue of cross-chain NFT’s and reducing Ethereum gas costs

In 2020 the video game industry was estimated to hit over $165 billion in revenue due largely to the over 2 billion gamers worldwide. While the gaming industry may see profit from gamers, gamers themselves are unable to financially benefit from their time spent gaming. Those who wish to remedy this problem are faced with few ways to do so. Many are forced to utilize the services of publishers with poor publishing fees that result in poor “pay to play” mechanics.

The Tap platform makes it possible for gamers to convert their in-game currency from one game to the next…

Tap Bros Ep 3 : The Great NFT Hunt, Is Gamestop Good for Blockchain and New advancements with NFT’s — Recap

If you did not catch the recent podcast from the Tap Bros here are some of the highlights!

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Market Minute

Market minute was a 1-minute recap of Eth recently being pulled from BTC. So far Eth is hanging in so let’s see happens next. Usually if Bitcoin rises, Eth pulls back and so forth. We are seeing a sideways pattern forming hovering between both support and resistance.

Next the brothers got on to the topic of sports. Clearly Hugh should hold back on his opinions on sports and movies if you listened to the podcast! …

Staking and Farming on the Tap Platform

The Tap Team has recently gone to a lot of work and effort to bring to everyone not only a new user interface but also a simplified platform that includes opportunities to stake and farm.

So, what is staking and farming all about?

When you sign up on the Tap Platform (www.tapplatform.io) you have options to transfer your Tapcoins ($TTT) into other games, cash it out or stake and farm it.

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So, what is staking and farming and what is the difference?

Staking: Whenever a transaction is made on the Tap Platform a…

Ama Recap with Blockchain Infinity

For full recap on the Blockchain Infinity page read it here

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On 17th of January 2021, our main administrator Zanity had a live AMA session with Haniff Knight (Co-founder of TapCoin), Hugh Knight (Co-founder of TapCoin) on Blockchain Infinity telegram chat.

Segment 1: Introduction

Zanity: Hello TapCoin team welcome to our community. Before we go to first segment, please introduce yourselves first.

Hanif: Hi there, awesome to be here! Thank you for having us.

Hugh: Hi, we are really happy to be here!

Haniff: My name is Haniff Knight, I am one of the Co-founders…

Venue: https://t.me/amaloversclub
Date: Saturday, 16th January, 2021
Time: 18:00 UTC

Recap provided by AMA lovers Medium — Read it on there page here

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The Tapcoin team was represented by @TheTapProject and @hughthetapproject. They judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about the project.


Q1 : Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the project Tapcoin

Ans : Awesome! I’ll introduce myself, then hugh will introduce and then we will do a brief intro to the Tapcoin and the project :)

My name is Haniff Knight, I am one of the Co-founders of the Tap Project. I…

Recap of the latest AMA with the Crypto Tech Community.

On January 9th 2021, we had the pleasure of participating in an AMA with the CryptoTech Community. We had an amazing time and thank the community for their questions and engagement. Below is a transcript/recap of the questions of interest.

If you haven’t already be sure to join CryptoTech Telegram (https://t.me/Cryptotech_Community) as well as the Tap Project Telegram (https://t.me/tapcoin)

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Tell us a little about the Tapcoin?

Haniff Knight— Yes for sure, The Tap Project is a blockchain gaming project that allows gamers and users to convert their in-game currency and score from one game to the next. …

Beginner’s guide to understanding the Tapcoin

As Tapcoin’s begin to fall into the hands of many around the world we thought we would take this opportunity to break down the fundamentals of the Tapcoin, in the simplest form possible. The following is a brief simplified overview of the Tapcoin itself.

What is the Tapcoin?

Tapcoin (ERC-20) (TTT) is a token on the Ethereum network.

Tapcoins act as an intermediary token that make it possible to transfer and realize value from game to game. The Tap ecosystem consists of the Tapcoin , Tapkey tokens (Non-fungible)(“NFT”) and DEGA* tokens.

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How Are Tapcoin’s Earned?

Tapcoin’s can be earned by:

  • Exporting in-game score
  • Converting Steam in-game Achievements
  • Depositing…

Tap Project (TTT)

Revolutionary vision built off #ethereum #blockchain that allows #gamers to convert and transfer their in-game virtual currencies to other games. (TTT) #tapcoin

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