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We recently participated in a great AMA with the AMA Generals and want to thank them for graciously hosting our group. We were amazed that we were met with a multitude of questions and participation. It was great to see such an active group discussing the Tap Project and wanting their questions answered. For those who may have missed it, we thought we would put together some of the top questions and answers from that night.

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Brief Overview of the Tap Project

So just an intro, The Tap Project is a revolutionary blockchain project that provides gamers and developers the opportunities when it comes to in-game virtual currencies;

The project allows gamers the ability to convert their in-game currency/score to cryptocurrency (Tapcoins, $TTT) and transfer their in-game currencies across multiple platforms and games. Additionally, our Unreal and Unity plugins allow for cross and multiplatform connectivity.

We have built a platform ( that allows users to earn Tapcoins from playing the top steam PC games, farm Tapcoins by depositing Uni-V2 tokens and stake Tapcoins to earn transactional revenue from the platform.

Nice! So depositing any tokens too can earn Tapcoins as long as it’s in Uni-V2 ?

Ya. So we have introduced Farming on our platform, which allows users to deposit UniV2 tokens from the following pools to earn TTT :

🔥TTT-ETH (5X bonus!!)

Depositing the Uniswap V2 Liquidity tokens of those pools allows you to earn TTT

Great! How about contractual burn? How it works? You have updates about it?

Ya for sure, then we can touch on how staking works after 2:).

Contractual burn for our platform is quite easy. It was taken from some of the methodology of Ethereum 2.0. Simply, every onchain transaction that occurs on the platform initiates the burn contract. And a % of the of TTT is burned during each transaction.

The % is not burned from the users wallet but from the burn wallet

So how many % will be burnt?

the contract will burn up to 500M TTT or until 1Billion TTT max supply. We have it projected to burn approximately 1–3% of that wallet per month
Depending on the amount of transactions that occur on the entire platform

What was your staking plan as of now ?

Users can also stake their TTT into the platform! This is super cool because it allows them to earn a % of revenue from every transaction on the platform!

So simply, there is a fee applied to each transaction on the platform, and every transaction a small amount of that fee is sent to those users to have staked in the staking pool!

To get an in-depth look at what the new update will be like check out our latest article >> What to Expect?

Before you go back to playing Cyberpunk 2077, don’t forget to check out our website at and our telegram >> Stay tuned for the hottest update in blockchain gaming.

What is the Tap Project?

The Tap Project is a revolutionary blockchain project that aims to decentralize the gaming industry by providing gamers and developers with options and opportunities when it comes to in-game virtual currencies; By allowing gamers opportunities to convert and transfer their in-game currencies across multiple platforms and games. The Tap plugin built for Unity and Unreal, increases discoverability, engagement, cross-platform play and revenue for developers using a tiered transactional revenue model.

The Tap Project Milestones:

  • Tap N Go Rewards : Over 100K Downloads on Google Play Store
  • 20K Users on the Tap Platform allowing gamers to play, games, and convert game score to TTT
  • Patent Pending IP
  • Proof of Mastery Protocol
  • 3 Year Platform Development and Strong Core Development Team





Tap N Go Rewards:

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Revolutionary vision built off #ethereum #blockchain that allows #gamers to convert and transfer their in-game virtual currencies to other games. (TTT) #tapcoin

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