Tapcoin Summary

Beginner’s guide to understanding the Tapcoin

As Tapcoin’s begin to fall into the hands of many around the world we thought we would take this opportunity to break down the fundamentals of the Tapcoin, in the simplest form possible. The following is a brief simplified overview of the Tapcoin itself.

What is the Tapcoin?

Tapcoin (ERC-20) (TTT) is a token on the Ethereum network.

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How Are Tapcoin’s Earned?

Tapcoin’s can be earned by:

  • Converting Steam in-game Achievements
  • Depositing UniV2 LP tokens*(farming)
  • Staking TTT

What is Dega Gas Token?

Ethereum Gas prices can range from $ 10–50 during high transaction times. DEGA tokens can be used on the Tap Platform to lower Ethereum gas costs any where from 30–50%.

What can you use Tapcoins for?

Tapcoins can be used to:

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What is the Tapkey ?

Tapkeys (ERC-721) are a NFT on the Tap platform. Upgrading Tapkeys with Tapcoins unlock premium features within the Tap platform.

What is Tapcoin Farming?

Loot farming allows users to yield farm Tapcoin by depositing Uniswap Liquidity tokens (UNI-V2 LP). Users receive 5X reward bonus for depositing TTT-ETH Uni-V2 Lp tokens. To begin there are four identified pools:


What is Tapcoin Staking?

Users receive a proportional % of Tap Platform Transactional revenue when they stake TTT. A .35% transactional fee is applied to every transaction on the Tap Platform. .25% is sent to the staking pool and distributed to stakers — stakers then receive a portion of that depending on the amount they hold within the pool.

Revolutionary vision built off #ethereum #blockchain that allows #gamers to convert and transfer their in-game virtual currencies to other games. (TTT) #tapcoin

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